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From the fantasy lands of The Dragon Reaches of Marakush, to the latest edition of Chivalry and Sorcery, the premier Fantasy Role-playing games for Medieval and High Fantasy Games, BGD has it all.

Check out our catalogue for details not only of rules and scenarios, but also sourcebooks for Dwarves, Elves, Armourer Mages and Knights, using the finest historical and mythical resources, lightly grilled and served to you carefully laid out and fresh.

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28th March
Another in BGD's commitment to excellence in free gaming as well as our superb C&S product line. Play the ordinary men and women who became heroes in the 20th Century's greatest struggle of Good vs Evil, World War II - Our Darkest Hour (742Kb) here.

Our Darkest Hour uses the same system as C&S Essence and Vis Imperia Victoriana and is by David Blewitt, one of the main writers of C&S: The Rebirth.

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