History of
Brittannia Games

Brittannia has been moulded by its leading light and Managing Director, our Founder, Steve Turner.

Steve has been playing RPGs since 1979, when Gamers were real gamers and AD&D didn't have the GMs guide with proper to-hit tables so everyone used the "Asbury Rules" instead.

These days gaming has had to take a bit of a back seat to his Regional Directorship of the Role-Playing Games Association (RPGA) for the West Midlands and Wales (which is the bit he really likes).

Scott Hughes was introduced to Role playing by his brother back in 1980 (quite late on for "proper" role players) by tales of magic and fantastic monsters roaming around in his friends front room. He was invited to watch and help the DM (Being was AD&D) and though I didn't see any foul arts or demon worship going on found himself hooked, playing his first character the next session (who is still alive today, or would be if he hadn't lost his character sheet).

From then on he explored the range of genres and games systems, many more game systems, before he was confident enough to branch out into the other side of role playing, that of writing and running games.

The early games may have been strangely familiar and possibly with less originality than desired, but over the years his experience has grown, making his adventures well received at his local gaming club. He has also had selected works printed in games newsletters and used in games conventions, sometimes writing under a pseudonym, which saves on bad press ;-)

C&S came to Scott quite late, it was around late 90 early 91 that he generated his first character, and immediately found it an excellent and enjoyable system (C&S 2) to play in, playing a vampiric knight in maximillian plate bent on turning Marakush (for the world goes back a way)into a dark world, aided by two unusual bodyguards, a giant named Ox and a troll named Thug.

He finds himself stunned that he is now a director of the company enjoying creative copyrights with the original authors of the game.

Running Brittannia looks set to occupy the lives of Steven, Sue, his wife, Scott, their families, friends and pets for some time to come.

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